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All I can say is this…

There are TWO things I know to be true…and here’s ONE of them.

If you want to make money in 2018, you must have Digital Marketing skills, period.

It’s the way people market businesses today.

It’s the fool-proof fail-proof way to be sure that no matter what business idea you have, even if it flops, you can leverage the skills you have to find new people, new ideas, and new businesses. Because you know how to market them.

That’s what The Digital Gangsta is all about.

It is my life’s work inside a program. A course that took the better part of six months to build, and years to learn. IF you want to become a digital marketer or make a team member a marketer, this is the program for you. You can learn more here.

It will save you THOUSANDS of dollars on so many crappy courses. The Digital Gangsta covers ads, copy, lead generation, funnel building, launching, social media, business building, mindset, and more.

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This commentary below explains what skills you need in 2018 for Digital Marketing, and yes The Digital Gangsta covers them all.

The Question: “I want a skill list. I get that I need to know strategy, and that’s important…but what are the SKILLS I need for Digital Marketing in 2018?”

Skills + Strategy = Money. It just does. It’s not enough to have just one or the other. The Digital Gangsta is designed to teach you BOTH because hello…Money!

As I was pondering the skills needed for 2018, I found it difficult to separate them from the strategy they’re attached to. But I did it. So here’s the list I came up with (and the order is of no importance).

  1. Facebook Ads

    There’s LOTS of paid traffic opportunities that are worth learning like Pinterest Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIN Ads, etc. but if you have to choose one platform to master first, it’s Facebook.

  2. Messenger Bots on FB

    On the heels of Facebook Ads, the Messenger Bots and Ads are going to explode…fast. Understanding how to drive engagement and access a user’s Private Messenger is going to extensively change the game. This is the new EMAIL MARKETING competitor, mark my words!

  3. Webinars via FB Livestream

    Webinars are not dead, no matter what anyone says. They are just becoming MORE engaging and more interactive than ever! Understanding how to create compelling content with webinars and stream them live is a must!

  4. Clickfunnels for All Kinds of Funnels

    Sales funnels are more important than websites. In a crowded market, it’s absolutely imperative you have a way to carve a path for your ideal customer or client.

  5. Digital Content Platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and LearnDash

    The Course Empire shows no signs of slowing down. Lots of business owners want to make online courses to generate more passive revenue. There are a million programs out there, but they all work the same. Learn one well, and you’ll be able to transfer your skills to all the others.

  6. Social Media Tools + Systems for FB, Pinterest, and IG

    Meaningful Social Media is hot. This doesn’t mean, “okay Il’l post 3x a day.” This means, “Hey – we’re building this funnel or launch, so how should we use it meaningfully to reach the goals we have?”

  7. Email Marketing (Actionetics, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Active Campaign)

    It’s still one of the most valuable assets an online business owner has. Email marketing is still incredibly important in 2017.

  8. Updated SEO Best Practices for 2018

    What is SEO in 2018? Google’s Algorithm is incredibly smart. Keyword stuffing is gone gone gone. Instead, you need to focus on content rich content on a targeted topic, and optimized for social sharing and backlinks.

  9. How to Get a Mobile Responsive Website Up (Squarespace, WP, Clickfunnels, etc.)

    Websites are still important, but for up and coming Digital Marketers – the most you need to know is how to get a website up that’s good enough until they can hire a professional designer. My recommendation is you team up with a specialized designer/developer for the big projects, and have a “done enough” service for the beginning budget conscious clients.

  10. Content + Graphics That Engage (copywriting and design that are sensitive to the fact that the market is full)

    This is SO important no matter how you specialize. Everything in 2018 requires compelling graphics and copy – from video montages, Pinterest pins, sales pages, and the like. You can’t ever go wrong focusing on honing in these skills, and practice practice practice makes better!

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