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My Funnel Is Broken – A Sales Funnel Analysis

“My funnel is broken!” 😞 That’s something I hear constantly from people who’ve just launched their funnel and don’t see sales right away.

Guess what? MOST funnels don’t work on the first try. Not even the 2nd. So it means you must learn how to fix your funnel and optimize it, because even the experts don’t get it perfect…right out of the gate.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • your industry benchmarks for analysis
  • the three most common reasons a funnel breaks
  • how to patch the holes
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The Four Foundations of Funnel Building

It’s a skill that is both EASY and tricky at the same time.

How can that be?

Well, to set up one is not that hard….thanks to Clickfunnels. You can have one up in literally…minutes. But to make it work

That’s a whole other story.

In this video, I break down the four key foundations of funnel building so you can understand not just how to build them, but how to make sure you build PROFITABLE ones.

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Free Funnel Building Resources You Should Use RIGHT NOW!

If you’re stuck in funnelbuilding mode, unable to finish or start or see through what’s working and what’s not, here’s a round up of some of my best free Funnel Building resources:

If you’re interested in getting the absolute BEST education you can on Funnels, Funnel Builder Secrets is a course tucked inside one of the best Clickfunnels deals of the century. Right now, there’s only one way you can get it…

Go get his book Expert Secrets, and at the end of the funnel, on the thank you page – WATCH that webinar. Funnelbuilder Secrets is at the end and comes with 6 months of Clickfunnels, Funnelscripts, Traffic Secrets, and the curriculum I’ve developed — Funnel Builder Secrets. It’s EPIC.  🙂

You’re welcome for the tip.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Sales Funnels 101

If you’ve heard the term “Sales Funnel” and still don’t *really* get what it is, you’re in luck. This is what I do best. Explain things in a way everyone can understand!

For more sales funnel awesomeness, check out the bestselling book by Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets *you can also get his other book Dotcom Secrets as well*.

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21 Details to Check Before You Launch Your Funnel

21 Details to Check Before You Launch Your Funnel

So you’ve mapped out your funnel, built the pages and are ready to launch. How do you know if it’s ready to go? There are several things to check, 21 to be exact, before launching.

In my latest post on the ClickFunnels blog, I go into detail about each step and have outlined the important categories below.


There are 4 key areas that you need to focus on:

  • Funnel-Wide: Checking details on the entire site to make sure pixels are in place, favicons are set, domains are correct, and your stats are reset.
  • Funnel Steps: Checking details on each individual page to make sure that the SEO is  showing up correctly, there aren’t any redirect overrides, the action on any buttons is directing correctly, making sure the pop-up is functioning properly, etc.
  • Product Area: This area is for those who are selling any products. Things to check are order forms. OTOs, and downsell forms. If you are selling affiliate products, make sure to check off whether a commission can be earned or not. Also be sure that the payment method is working, and the product descriptions are showing up correctly.
  • Members Area: If you have a members area, make sure you have restricted access to the page, and have linked up a support button so people can get in touch with you.


I go into full step-by-step instruction on the ClickFunnels blog, so be sure to head on over there to see exactly how to check each of the 21 details.

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