Create Your Laptop Life

At over 800 members and counting, Create Your Laptop Life is a membership community for start-up online business owners.


If you’re trying to make your first $1k-$10k a month online, Create Your Laptop Life is your go-to resource for skills, strategy, and mindset.

I offer skills training, expert advice, weekly coaching, a lively community, plus a TON of bonuses and perks that make solopreneurs calling Create Your Laptop Life…the Triple AAA membership all online business owners need!

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A bit about Create Your Laptop Life™

We are a group of entrepreneurs who work and live…right from our laptops.

We don’t have traditional 9-5 jobs, and we don’t want them, because financial + lifestyle freedom is too important to us. Because we don’t work the corporate grind, we get to be the boss of our own schedule, take vacations whenever we want, and make our work revolve around life, not the other way around.

Most of our old bosses scoff at our plans, sure we’ll be crawling back for a job within a month’s time, but it won’t happen. Because we know the world is changing, for good – and the freelance economy is the new cleaner, greener, smarter way to work – for both families and businesses.

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Click Funnels

As head coach over at Click funnels HQ, I teach people how to build funnels, how to get into the coveted 2 Comma Club, and how to make an extra $4k a month or more as a Click funnels affiliate. It doesn't matter what kind of online business you have, come and learn with me!

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Create Your Laptop Life

Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs living their laptop life. Learn how to get started, how to grow, and how to make it YOUR key to financial freedom and security. A membership community focusing on business growth and digital marketing.

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Digital Insiders for Life

Join my mastermind where you rub shoulders with talented business owners working to scale from $100k a year to a million. This intimate group is by application only, has a max of 100 people, and is the way to get 1:1 support from me. Would love to hear from you!

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