A Spiritual View Of COVID19 Conspiracy Theories

Alright, last night I wrote a post on Facebook and then ended up deleting it because the thread got weird, super fast. So many conspiracy theories flying around, and it brought a lot of confusion and fear. Confusion is one of those alarm bells that tip me off that something is not right.

It started because of the press briefing that went totally sideways. All of a sudden, we were talking about a big drug cartel and trafficking mission… and it smelled a lot like something wasn’t right.

  • Was it a political distraction?
  • Was it a mission and they had to get in front of it and say something publicly?
  • Was it a pre-frame for things to come?
  • Was it Trump looking for another wartime narrative?
  • Was there something more insidious happening?
  • Was it a cover for something else?

I didn’t know, I just knew it felt… off. Could it be smoke and mirrors?

But then, the conspiracy theorists came out. They came out to say this is all a part of a huge plan and we’re going to be indebted to Trump for what’s about to unfold.

After I deleted the thread, I decided to listen to the people I think have crazy theories. I wanted to hold space for those people too, because many of them I like and respect, though we have HUGE differences.

And I stayed up til the wee hours of morning digesting an enormous amount of content to try and understand their side and their story.

I have a Biblical worldview that I test everything against, even when I don’t realize I’m doing it. It’s impossible for me to take that lens off, because it’s the core of who I am and what I believe.

But I also love science. Math. Facts. Data. Evidence. I wrote about this the other day on my blog… how I feel like God has finally taught me how to blend both my spiritual eyes and my intellectual ones.

There are several conspiracy theories flying around the Internet right now, and I’m sure most of you know someone who’s talking about them. And there’s always this cryptic strange messaging that comes with it. No one will just come right out and say it. They’ll send links or PM’s or make inferences, but not just bring it to light and say, “This is the theory.”

I am SURE I will get some of this wrong, but I’m going to drag those theories into the light right now. Given I only spent about 6-7 hours on it, there will be mistakes. But this is my gift… condensing info into a bite sized chunk so you can get the IDEA. The idea really matters more than details.

The theorists will say the details matter, because that’s how these theories fly. They fly by using details to mount evidence because it’s too hard to believe otherwise.

The theory predates COVID19. It’s a classic good vs. evil story, as most are. The virus appearing has given a new intensity and curiosity around the story, as the plot undoubtedly thickens. But this theory didn’t START with Covid. It’s been around awhile.

There are the good guys – you’ll see them labeled… QAnon, WWG1WGA, The Storm, The Great Awakening. These are typically far right folks and avid supporters of Trump. Some would say his loyal cult-like following.

Then there are the bad guys – The Cabal, the rich left, the Deep State, and they are a satanic cult trying to control the world and traffic children. Lots of celebrities and wealthy names like Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, etc.

The story goes kinda like this…

  • Step One: Bill Gates and the Cabal tried to solve the problem of overpopulation, as well as how to rule the world.
  • Step Two: They conspire to leak the virus. Build the virus? I’m not sure. Multiple stories abound. Some say China did it. Not sure how that works with this story though.
  • Step Three: The plan was to kill off the older population, get a lockdown in place so they could finally take over.
  • Step Four: While this was all happening, they would install 5G technology because somehow it’ll help control us better?
  • Step Five: A mandatory vaccine would come up and they’d inject an RFID chip into our blood with the vaccine. This is sometimes referred to as Agenda21. Then with the new technology, a reduced population, a chip, they’d have their mass plan enacted.

BUT… The plan is about to be foiled by the good guys. The good guys who are led by Donald Trump who’s five steps ahead of everyone.

  • Step One: Get a bunch of indictments for this Cabal.
  • Step Two: Get everyone in lockdown so they can start this mass arrest and release of sex slaves.
  • Step Three: Shut down the phone and Internet for a few days while this all takes place. Use the big ships and field hospitals for rescuing children during the arrests.
  • Step Four: Do some sort of financial reset, take back the Fed, etc.
  • Step Five: Bring the world back online and play 24 hours of tapes for days on all computers and TV showing the whole plan so the world knows what happened in the three days of darkness.
  • Step Six: A new amazing golden age gets ushered in by… Trump? This far right team? I’m not sure about this part.

Again – pretty sure I messed up a ton of details… but you get the idea.

Guess what? Conspiracy theories gain legs because they have compelling patterns and layers. It’s hard to watch hours and hours and not think, “Holy crap, how is that all coming together so well?” The detail weaving is intense.

But that’s where intellect and spirit work together. After I finished reading all this, I decided to pray.

I asked God to give me peace and clarity and I was reminded of several truths….

1. God uses all things – even bad things and bad people – to bring redemption.

It doesn’t mean that person is a savior or even someone good. That person or event could be horrible and God could still achieve healing or redemption. The danger here is when this happens, humans have a tendency to herald the person. Rewrite history. Forgive massive character flaws and mistakes, ignore malicious intent… because we long for a hero and a savior.

2. It almost doesn’t matter if you believe the theory or not, because it doesn’t change anything about the reality of what we’re dealing with as a nation.

COVID19 still is going to kill people and overwhelm our hospitals and we have to do our part to flatten the curve. I’ve read compelling medical journals that say this was not a “created” virus. The resources are below.

3. The only true redemption happens through Jesus, so even on the random crazy chance that there’s a mass evil plan that will be taken down by our government, any new age of peace and gloriousness isn’t truly real.

Any man-made government that overthrows an evil one, if you look jussstttt below the surface, has its own plan of evil. Digging into QAnon, there’s a ton of xenophobic, nationalist, populist evil lying in wait.

The good guys who save you from the bad guys are not good guys really.

All you have to do is sniff around and look for the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, humility, to see there’s a different agenda. And if you don’t believe in God, you can simply hold onto the truth that Power Corrupts, and the way people come to power is by doing something good first… in the midst of a crisis.

Doesn’t mean that good things can’t happen through evil people. Just means that people will erase and overlook evil in plain sight to rationalize how a bad person/people do something so good? They must BE good.

It all comes down to your ability to hold two truths in tension. Two opposites that can coexist. If you can’t do that, you will lean on either extreme.

Side note, when people REALLY can’t do this, they actually have a name for the extreme of this problem – Borderline Personality Disorder. The inability to hold opposing things in tandem. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is what’s used to treat this.

You’ll watch as Trump supporters take him *almost* as a Messiah in talking about this theory of them overthrowing the Deep State.

On the left, you’ll see media people doing EVERYTHING they can to discredit Trump at every turn, even if it’s an objectively solid decision. They have no ability to see that even if he is a pathological narcissist, he can still make good decisions from time to time. Stuff can still get done.

Extremes are NOT your friend in this hour.

Having a plumb line of faith will greatly help you cut through the noise of the conspiracy theory and the fear.

The question of the hour? Do I believe any of it?

  • I believe there is evil in this world, on both the left and the right. I believe there is an agenda for both, and it includes power and money.
  • I believe there is a global pandemic that’s crushing our healthcare system, sinking our economy, and killing thousands and thousands of people.
  • I believe in God, in His ability to do incredible things in the midst of crisis. I believe He can use anyone or anything – because He’s God.
  • I believe we will be okay, and we will see normal life return, though I’m not sure when.
  • I believe there are people wrongly heralding Trump as a hero, and ignoring the danger of his narcissistic pathology. The dangerous precedent to credit a human and exonerate the behavior because they were an instrument of good in some fashion.
  • I believe that society is quite fragile, and people will cling to whatever leadership they find, and conveniently rewrite history to suit their narrative.
  • I believe the only true redemption on Earth will happen when Jesus returns, and anything else that appears Utopian, is just a shadow. A fragile temporary state that hides the fight for power underneath.
  • I believe that where there is confusion and fear, evil is lurking nearby.
  • I believe that the truth is clear, kind, firm, understandable, even if it’s hard to hear.
  • I believe that money and crisis amplify WHO people already are underneath.
  • I believe that I am just one person with one worldview (and a bias) and that even if I think all conspiracies are just wild quacky theories, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t in some strange world, have grains of truth in it. But even if it were ALLLLL true, I wouldn’t feel relieved about the good guys. I wouldn’t think that Trump is a hero. I would feel alerted to the fact that there’s a nefarious underground destabilization happening that means I need to cling to God even more.
  • I believe that whatever is going on that we can’t see, doesn’t really have anything to do with Trump at the end of the day. He’s just the current chess piece on the board in the hand of the player.
  • I believe that these conspiracy theories have been around much longer than COVID19 and the harvest was ripe for a plot twist.
  • I believe that I am fallible, and can be wrong at times.
  • I believe that there are a ton of off-shoot theories that mix and match various details, switch the bad guys and good guys, and continue to play on peoples’ fear and uncertainty, without actually changing anything about our day to day lives.

That’s where I am today. I hope it helps shed light, reduce anxiety, bring clarity, and most of all… a sense of peace.


Some resources on the theory of the virus being created or leaked…

  1. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2020/03/17/covid-19-coronavirus-did-not-come-from-a-lab-study-shows-natural-origins/#34d450e63728
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