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How to Know if You Have a Profitable Sales Funnel

How to Know if You Have a Profitable Sales Funnel

We’re going to do a little math and figure out the Average Cart Value of someone in your sales funnel to determine if the entire funnel is profitable.

To begin, you want at least 100 people (1000 or more would be better!) to go through your sales funnel, so you have some data to work with. It’s tough upfront to spend money for testing, but it’s necessary to get the data you need in the long run.

Watch this week’s episode to analyze your numbers, figure out if your sales funnel is profitable, and get tips to raise the lifetime value of the entire process.

If you find your funnel isn’t as profitable as you’d like, check out what to do if your sales funnel is broken.


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Video Transcript:

Hi, Julie here, today I want to talk about how to make the numbers work in your sales funnel.

We’re gonna do a little math today and we’re going to look at how you can figure out if your sales funnel is going to be profitable.

All right so don’t be scared. We’re going to do a little math and what we’re going to do is we’re going to figure out the average cart value of your funnel. So in order to do this, you’re going to need to have a little bit of traffic first. So you have to mentally prepare for spending some money even without the, the funnel being optimized. So prepare for that.

So we want to send a hundred people through your funnel and get some statistics. It would

be better if you could send a thousand but not everybody has the budget to get a thousand people through a funnel.

So let’s pretend that you are selling a $15 ebook on the Thank You page then you have an order bump for an additional $7 and that’s like some extra resources and meal plans… Let’s say we’re in the health industry.

And then on the one-time offer upsell you have a $47 course that’s fifteen plus seven plus forty-seven which means if somebody buys everything in your funnel they’re going to spend $69.

Now if they just buy the book and the course and they don’t take that little extra order bump, they’re gonna spend $62.

And some people might not buy the order bump or the OTO. They’re just going to buy the book and that would be $15.

So you have three different options.

So what you do is you send a hundred people through your funnel and then you take how many purchases there are. You add them up and create an average. So for this purpose of this example let’s say that out of a hundred people who went through your funnel you had five buyers two of them spent the full 69 two of them just spent fifteen and one person spent sixty-two so that equals two hundred and thirty dollars. That’s how much you made off of a hundred people.

If we divide that by the five purchasers your average cart value is forty-six dollars.

This means that the most you could possibly spend to acquire a customer on this funnel would be forty-six dollars and then you would break even.

Now if you’re looking at me and saying “that’s the only funnel I have” then you’re gonna have to spend actually quite a bit less to acquire a customer in order to make money on just one funnel.

This is why funnel stacking is so important because you can get people to buy again and again and on different funnels. The idea is, is if you use one funnel to get your leads for free, then you can make money on them in all the other funnels.

So if you have a funnel and your average cart value is forty-six and it’s costing you forty-six dollars to get the customer this just means that you have to create a better lifetime value process.

Create more funnels. Get them to buy more, to consume more, to pay more.

Then you’re making money and you’re getting your leads for free. But if this is your only funnel and this is all you’ve got, then what you need to do is you need to make sure that you’re getting traffic and leads for less than forty-six dollars so that you can scale.

The best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling so if this was helpful or you have any questions about how to figure out how much money you can spend in your funnel, leave a comment below and for more videos like this you can go to

Life Changing Proposals

Life Changing Proposals

I just returned from San Diego this past week – for the 2 Comma Club X Coaching live event.

It was incredible.

The amount of training and value packed into 36 hours was definitely at “fire hose” level, but without the overwhelm since we did it in sequential steps and milestones.

I got to meet some amazing people, and a few of them came up to me and…said some things that I wasn’t expecting. 

There were three people in particular. They all had taken my course Proposal Secrets – which is a course on how to get paid to write proposals. And even though I know it’s an incredible course with one of the fastest ROI’s I’ve ever seen, I still wasn’t prepared for this…

Guy #1 – 

He told me that he ALREADY has made over $10,000,000 in his agency/coaching business. He has a 2CCX award actually. But he took Proposal Secrets, followed the course, and closed 10% of the room on Intensives after one of his live events.

I don’t know about you – but I hope I’m still learning and growing – even after hitting $10M. He said he was so grateful for the course and how it massively shifted the way he does business.

I was floored.

Proposal Secrets helped explode a business already doing $10 million.

Guy #2 – 

This guy was invited to a live event with 10 of his ideal clients. Originally he planned to pitch a $10k funnel build, but after asking me about it (and taking Proposal Secrets), he decided to sell intensives instead.

7 out of 10 people took the offer. A 70% close rate.

But the best part? He said he’s offered 5 of the 7 their high ticket proposals, and they all said YES – for a HECK of a lot more than if he’d sold a package right from stage.

Guy #3 – 

He came up to me at the event and said, “What would you like me to do? Your Proposal Secrets has literally changed my entire life and business.” He said it’s helped him charge double, create solid proposals, and just generally make his customers HAPPIER.​

​If you have a freelance business or digital marketing agency, Proposal Secrets will change your business. I have SO many screenshot testimonials of people who’ve made their money back hours after buying. You can see some of them below.

Inside the course, there is:

  • A discovery call script that’s gold – you don’t even need to be good at sales.
  • ​Real life report examples.
  • A downloadable share funnel to build your intensive funnel.
  • Strategies for how and why you deliver the proposal and when (little details I learned from doing it over and over again).
  • A la carte pricing help
  • Swipe files for reporting and emails

So…here’s the plan.

Proposal Secrets probably needs to get a little more expensive.

I have an unconditional guarantee that if you can’t make your money back in 3-5 discovery calls, I’ll refund you.

For the first time in the HISTORY of course building, I have a 0% refund rate.


I’m selling Proposal Secrets for $497 and it’s making people $100k or more within days.

There are two lunatics reading this post right now…

  1. ​ME. For not realizing the value of this course sooner (and raising the price)
  2. YOU. For not investing in it if you’re a freelancer or agency.

I’m closing the cart on Proposal Secrets in just 96 hours.

I’m going to be raising the price and redoing the funnel, so if you don’t have it yet – this is your chance.

These are just a FEW of the testimonials I’ve received.




How to Impress Clients When You’re Not an Expert

How to Impress Clients When You’re Not an Expert

Wildly impressing clients can really boil down to just one thing…


In this episode, I dive into that one little detail and even include a real-life example of how setting the right expectations can help you impress and delight clients, even if you aren’t yet the best in the industry.

With the right expectations, you’ll get referrals and repeat customers again and again.

How do you set expectations in your business? Let me know if the comments below!


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Video Transcript:

Hey, Julie here and today I want to talk to you about how to wildly impress your clients even if you’re not yet an expert.

There’s a little secret here and this is going to be really short because it’s actually very simple.

Everything about the relationship with the service provider and the client boils down to expectation.

So your job as a service provider is to set an expectation that you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can meet or exceed. So you don’t have to be the best, as long as your expectations are equal to your skill you can impress. Wildly impress. Especially because you can over deliver and just delight your client.

Let me give you an example: So there was this copywriter and he was in a marketing agency in New York and he had to write a jingle for a really bad restaurant. And he was so afraid that if he wrote a jingle and made everybody feel like they couldn’t,  you know they couldn’t wait to eat these yummy tacos that they would watch the commercial and then they’d go into the store and

realize the food isn’t good the atmosphere isn’t great and he was really stressed about this and he didn’t want to hurt the business.

So do you know what he did? Instead of saying no I’m not going to write a jingle he wrote a jingle that set the expectation of the customer.

He wrote a jingle about how tacos are messy and how it’s not a good taco unless it’s like falling apart and it’s you know dripping all over your clothes. He created a very simple kind of cheesy jingle that really dialed down the expectation that the customer was going to have about the restaurant.

So they heard the jingle and they thought,  “I’m gonna go to this place and I’m not gonna get pretty food. I’m gonna get a greasy drippy taco because those are good tacos.”

The crazy thing is the jingle worked, and people came in with the right expectation and then they came back. And so that’s a really powerful lesson.

How you as the contractor can set the expectation for the client whether you’re a beginner or an expert, so that they know what they’re getting and that they understand the context and the boundaries around the deliverable.

Then your job is to meet that expectation or exceed it and then you are sure to get great referrals and repeat customers again and again and again. Even if you’re not the best in the industry yet.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling so if you have a question or comment about how to set expectations in your business leave a comment below and if you’d like videos like this please go to and you can watch more.


3 Takeaways from my week at Russell’s inner Circle

3 (Personal) Takeaways From My Week At Russell’s Inner Circle

Last week I spent the week in Boise. I was there for both work and the spring Inner Circle meetings. I pay $25,000 a year to be a part of this Inner Circle, so it’s something I take really seriously.

It’s taken me until today to even have a minute to write down my thoughts about last week, and some of my key takeaways.

First off, the last two weeks of life have been difficult.

There are emotions sitting right under the surface and when someone gets even remotely close to them, I turn into a mushy ball of tears. These emotions have to do with stress and pressure, with my family relationships and kids, with my own image insecurities, and also just because I feel things really really deeply…in both good and bad ways.

I’m ashamed of this. And it’s so dumb, because it’s one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.

The ability to feel the atmosphere, to feel the spirit in the room, and to have true empathy for people. In fact, I would say my business success is largely tied to this ability to feel someone else’s experience. To be able to get in their head and in their shoes and be able to draw a path out of whatever financial or life restrictions they’re in.

But it’s still a giant liability, because I’m also at risk for absorbing things I shouldn’t.

Expectations I shouldn’t.

Silent pressures I shouldn’t.

These things are never spoken, but I feel them and adapt. And adaptation isn’t always good.

So this is my unapologetic f*ck you to the voice that says I should hide and feel ashamed of my feelings.

I think this was my biggest personal takeaway from the Inner Circle.

When I got up to give my presentation, I didn’t have much to say. In fact, I stressed about it for days.

Why didn’t I have anything to say? Because we all know that’s ridiculous. I have a million things to say, always.

For whatever reason, my voice wasn’t willing to speak all the feelings.

So I gave a general update of how my business was doing, my numbers, etc. I downplayed it of course. I didn’t talk about the insane amount of success I’m having with my students and clients, my near perfect refund and customer support score, the percentage of people who work with me and actually transform their whole entire life and business, the amount of content I’ve produced, the ROI success rate of my latest course Proposal Secrets, the amazing bond I have with my team, the close rate and success of my mastermind, not any of it.

I’m so afraid to shine. I’m afraid of the people who will see it and say, “Who the hell does she think she is?”

The truth is if they say that, I won’t have a good answer for them.

I don’t know who the hell I am.

I don’t think I deserve any of this.

  • I expect that someone with this kind of success should certainly be thinner, be a better mother, and be a better wife.
  • I expect that someone with this kind of success shouldn’t have the kind of anxiety I have.
  • I expect that someone with this kind of success shouldn’t be hiding a pretty dirty and dark secret that follows me around like a silent ghost.
  • I expect that someone with this kind of success shouldn’t cry so damn much.

It’s funny – I can’t think about my business becoming a $10-20 million dollar empire because I can’t see how someone as unput together as me could ever be taken seriously enough to have that kind of influence.

Even though I know I have the brain, the character, and the work ethic to put many fortune 500 CEO’s to flipping SHAME.

Sometimes I feel so much pressure to stay a “shiny” object so I stay relevant. It’s so f*cking exhausting I can’t even tell you. In a world full of ADD social media and content vomit, I tire of having to morph myself or my message into a container that will keep peoples’ attention. I want to say, “If you’re bored of me, so be it.”

But I also know that if I don’t stand up and figure out how to use my voice – people won’t get the benefit of what I’m here on Earth to do. It’s my job to stay relevant while staying me. And Lord have mercy, that’s hard to do sometimes.

I can’t just use the excuse “Oh well” because I have a moral obligation to make sure my avatar finds me and follows me, and not someone else. That’s how much I believe I can help in a way that’s permanent and transformational.

Takeaway #1 – Stop Apologizing.

The second thing that hit me square between the eyes is…the path is math.

So basically the EXACT opposite of the first emotional takeaway. Ladyboss got up and presented and this was their big give. The path is math. If you need to scale, it’s just math. If you put $1.00 into your business and $1.02 comes out, if you know your numbers, you can make millions. It’s just MATH.

We get so emotional about math. We think “Oh well I can’t scale unless $1.00 becomes $10.00.” Why? Because some asshat guru made it seem like that’s the only way to do it. Tell me if I’m wrong…can you make a million dollars if $1.00 becomes $1.02?

Know your numbers. It’s not sexy to set up Quickbooks or a bookkeeper or P&L statements, but it’s NECESSARY.

I came home for IC and asked for my numbers on my latest webinar campaign.

  • 32% opt-in rate on the registration page.
  • 50% show up rate on the watch page.
  • 5.4% buy rate off the webinar (almost 100% of people take the 9-pay $249 pay plan)
  • We’re spending around $700 a day and our average sales per day are between 3-4.

So we’re spending $700 and returning $750-$1000 with an additional expected revenue of $750-$1000 per month for the next 8 months.

As scary as it sounds to spend more than $700 a day, the path is just math.

That return means I should be scaling, right now – without stopping to worry if I’m good enough to compete with bigger names who have better branding and images and professionalism.

Takeaway #2 – The Path is Math.

Lastly, publishing. You know, just when I think I’m doing awesome at it, I realize – I’m hiding. Which sounds ridiculous to write out loud because anyone who watches me would say, “You’re everywhere!” But I’ve procrastinated on a podcast because….I’m hiding.

I’ve procrastinated on writing a book because…I’m hiding.

I’ve done sparingly few Facebook lives on my public pages because…I’m hiding.

And I need to stop.

It’s the thing I tell my freelancers and agencies to do all the time when they complain they have no clients. STOP HIDING! SHOW UP!

I can use all the excuses in the world as to why I’m hiding (too busy with my paid groups, my family, my business, my work with Clickfunnels), and it’s all true…but I also know…I’m hiding.

In an attempt to unhide, I’m going to carve out time to write more, and yes…I will be starting a podcast.

Stephen Larsen and others gave some incredible value regarding their publishing platforms and results, so it was the kick in the ass I needed.

Takeaway #3 – Publish More.

I hope some of this has been helpful for you! Now, here’s where I need your help.

What kind of podcast (from me) would you look forward to?

  • Emotional health in business.
  • Life & business mixer (some strategy, some psychology).
  • Marketing in the raw.
  • Sales & Marketing tips.

Something else I haven’t thought of….

Just comment below and let me know.

xx Julie

How to Choose a Facebook Ad Objective

How to Choose a Facebook Ad Objective

When you’re first setting up a new FB Ad campaign, you’re asked what kind of ad objective you’d like to use. There are so many choices, it’s easy to see how some people get confused really fast.

Should I use…
– Video View?
– Engagement?
– Traffic?
– Conversion?
– Something else?

In this episode, I explain the types of objectives I use over and over again, and how I decide which one to use in different situations.



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Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Julie today I want to talk about what kind of ad objective do I use.

Now I know when you go to set up ads, Facebook asks you what kind of objective do you want and there’s a lot of confusion around which ones you should use.

Now full disclaimer I don’t use them all, therefore I don’t really know them all very well but there are some that I use over and over and over again. And I want to explain what those are and how I use them.

So the first is the video view. Now I like to use the video view when I’m running ads to Facebook Lives or videos and I really just want people to start to get to know me. Increase visibility. Feel like they’re getting to know my brand. And this is really good for people who are newer to Facebook ads because the ad cost tends to be a little bit less.

Facebook typically likes it when you run ads where you’re not asking people to go off the platform so they can consume the content right on the platform.

So video views is really powerful also because you can use it once you’ve run a video view ad. You can use the audience who viewed the video, you can use them as a custom audience.

And the reason why that’s so cool is that then this custom audience can be an audience that you can use to show them a different ad. An ad that requires a little bit more commitment.

Maybe they have to put their email address in. Maybe they’re making a sale. So the video view is great for custom audiences.

Number two is the engagement. The engagement objective I love to use when I’m doing a messenger bot ad campaign. So most of you know that when you comment on an ad if you have a messenger bot, what’s going to happen is the bots going to fire and send a

private message and then it will start a sequence.

When you do an ad for engagement you’re asking Facebook to show the ad to people who like to like share and comment. One of the best things I’ve ever done with engagement was when I created this cool little grammar quiz for one of my clients and basically, we put a paragraph of text. And we asked people to guess how many grammar mistakes there were in the comments below.

And when they did, messenger bot fired and invited them to a workshop on how to become a proofreader. That ad campaign made a lot of money and the ad spread rapidly because people love to do guessing games.

So when you’re doing an engagement ad, think about creating an ad that really encourages them to comment.

The good news is that you can also create a custom audience based on people who engage on your page. So this is for BOTS campaigns and custom audiences.

I’m almost running off the page… Okay, so those two the next one that I use all the time is traffic.

This is the first objective where you’re actually encouraging people to go off of Facebook and onto a different platform. Usually to your landing page or website… something like that.

So the traffic objective can be used for all types of ads this is probably I would say the most popular one. It’s really just getting people to click and go off so if you have a video ad carousel at any kind of ad, traffic is just going off of Facebook and landing somewhere else.

So it’s great for local ads but really all kinds of ads. So this is like the really popular one but this is the first time that you’re sending people off of Facebook.

The next type of ad that I use a lot is the conversion ad. Now the conversion ad is often the most expensive. It’s not just asking people to go off of Facebook, you’re usually also asking them to do something: Put their email address in or buy something.

Okay so this is really the most expensive it’s also the most trackable. So like what I mean by that is you can really see exactly how much you’re spending and then how much you’re making.

So the conversion ad uses the Facebook pixel and you install the pixel on your site and you install it on certain pages and your funnel or on your website and when people land on those pages, the pixel sends the information back to Facebook and says they made a sale.

So a really good example of this is if you’re sending people to a checkout page and then they order it. On the confirmation page is the pixel and that information goes back and says hey you just made a sale. So you can see very easily ooh I spent $10 and I made a $20 sale.

So conversion ads are the most traffic trackable. They use the Facebook pixel. And these are also very popular for lead generation and for sales. The reason why is because when you do a conversion, this is the next thing I wanted to explain, what kind of ad objective do I use when you choose the conversion.

When you go to set up the ad, Facebook is going to ask you what kind of conversion, okay, because there’s lots of different kinds.

So it’s gonna ask you what kind of conversion.

So oftentimes you’re gonna choose something like “Lead” “Add to Cart” or “Purchase” so that’s you know that this one is a little bit more complicated. So in terms of expense, it tends to be cheapest to most expensive in this order.

And the final thing that I want to say about this which is really powerful is if you have a particular ad campaign, if you set up that on your page as a post… so you create a Facebook live or a video or some sort of post, you can actually go into the ads manager and you can set up a video view version and engagement version a traffic and a conversion.

You can set up four different ads and use the same post for all four different ads and that creates this like cumulative effect on the ad so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


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